Intel ISEF Rules Wizard

This “wizard” asks a series of questions about your planned project and will provide a list of forms that you need to complete.

Scientific Review Committee FAQ’s

Common questions about our rules and guidelines from our scientific review committee

Overview of Forms

Provides a brief explanation of each form in the Rules and Regulations, and when it should be completed.

Common Scientific Research Committee (SRC) Problems

Summarizes SRC reviews leading up to the Intel ISEF, with pointers about what NOT to do.

Reasons for Failing to Qualify at Intel ISEF

This document summarizes the most common reasons that a project fails to qualify at the Intel ISEF.

Human Participants Risk Assessment Guide

A document to aid your IRBs in making sound decisions for human participant project approvals and permissions needed.

Intel ISEF Student Handbook 

An aid to help in the research process.