2018 DMRSEF Individual Registration Form

2018 DMRSEF Individual Registration Form

Fair Date: February 16, 2018

Awards Ceremony: February 18, 2018

Registration opens: November 30, 2017

FINAL Registration Deadline: 11:59 PM MST - January 17, 2018 (There will be NO EXTENSIONS granted).

If your fair does not judge until after our deadline and the school pays for winning students to register, we recommend all students who are interested in competing at the Regional Fair to go ahead and register. Schools can then pay for or reimburse the student registration when local winners are determined.

This registration form has multiple sections and students will need a parent to help complete it. At the end you will need to upload all of the forms that your project requires.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, Please make sure you have the following:


-Teacher Contact Information (name, email, phone#)

-School Address and Fax #

-Project Title

-Abstract Typed (So you can paste it into the form)

-Research Plan (this is YOUR plan used, not the plan instructions included in the blank forms.)

-Checklist for Adult Sponsor 1

-Student Checklist 1A

-Approval Form 1B

-CU Waiver

-Any Additional Forms required for your project (how you answer questions during registration will determine which forms will be required. This will show during registration.)