2018 Science Fair Award Winners


Here are the 2018 Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winners!

Best in Fair – Junior

  • 1st: Gitanjali Rao
  • 2nd: Matthew Anderson
  • 3rd: Ethan Chapman

Best in Fair – Senior

  • 1st: Edwin Bodoni
  • 2nd: Peyton Leyendecker
  • 3rd: Krithik Ramesh



Animal Science – Junior

  • 1st: Arushi Munjal
  • 2nd: Marley Eisman

Animal Science – Senior

  • 1st: Matthew Buckman and Dylan Drew

Behavioral Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Grace Farrell
  • 2nd: Emily Gonzalez
  • 3rd: Karsen Jorgensen

Behavioral Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Aylin Karhaman

Biological Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Mariah Addai-Opoku

Biological Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Evelyn Bodoni and Nicole Hankovszky
  • 2nd: Anand Chundi

Chemistry – Junior

  • 1st: Veronica Wolf and Preston Schmidt
  • 2nd: Hailey Green
  • 3rd: Kristeen Cai

Chemistry – Senior

  • 1st: Sarah Bian
  • 2nd: Chloe Stacks
  • 3rd: Sonya Zakarian

Computer Science – Junior

  • 1st: Ethan Chapman
  • 2nd: Shreyas Sriram

Computer Science – Senior

  • 1st: Siddarth Ijju
  • 2nd: Austen Mazenko

Earth & Environmental Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Juno Gregg
  • 2nd: Sirinya Frankel
  • 3rd: Nickita Alexeyev

Earth & Environmental Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Delaney Yehle, Loren Rylander, and Dana Coe
  • 2nd: Natalie Keller and Melanie Gong

Energy – Junior

  • 1st: Maxwell Benedict
  • 2nd: Michaela Wilcox

Energy – Senior

  • 1st: Scott Clousing and Daniel Orbidan

Engineering – Junior

  • 1st: Neil Sury
  • 2nd: Maya Monks and Ella Sharp
  • 3rd: Gregory Mackintosh

Engineering – Senior

  • 1st: Krithik Ramexh

Materials Science – Junior

  • 1st: Gitanjali Rao
  • 2nd: Vianney Escobedo

Materials Science – Senior

  • 1st: Peyton Leyendecker

Medicine and Health – Junior

  • 1st: Georgia Hartley
  • 2nd: Elizabeth Tayane
  • 3rd: Brinda Malik

Medicine and Health – Senior

  • 1st: Edwin Bodoni
  • 2nd: Isani Singh

Microbiology – Junior

  • 1st: Nikhila Narayana
  • 2nd: Esha Sury

Microbiology – Senior

  • 1st: Isla Anderson
  • 2nd: Sahana Narayan and Olivia Voss

Physics and Astronomy – Junior

  • 1st: Matthew Anderson
  • 2nd: Morgan Cragin
  • 3rd: Kiersten Superhill

Physics and Astronomy – Senior

  • 1st: Emma Schmit

Plant Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Sophie Scholl
  • 2nd: Christopher Custer
  • 3rd: Alfonso Castillo

Plant Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Andrew Tokar and Maya Hegde

Social Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Negha Sethuramalingam
  • 2nd: Elizabeth Koenck and Aveline Hwang

Social Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Hanaa Salman
  • 2nd: Sravya Dhanwada


Rebecca Mock, Notre Dame Catholic School

Mary-Ellen Hogan, Most Precious Blood Catholic School

Nikki Dobos, Rock Canyon High School

Shawndra Fordham, Rock Canyon High School

Padma Hancock, Meowl Acatemy

The Resource Area for Teaching Colorado New to the Fair

Adrienne Pere, Adam City High School


American Meteorological Society

Sarah Bian and Gabriel Lorenz

American Psychological Association Award

Negha Sethuramalingam

American Statistical Association Award for the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter

Esha Sury and Anila Narayana

Association for Women Geoscientists

Delaney Yehle, Loren Rylander, and Dana Coe

ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions

Delaney Yehle, Loren Rylander, Dana Coe, Scott Clousing, and Daniel Orbidan

Biophysical Society

Evelyn Bodoni and Nicole Hankovszky

Cherry Creek Basin Water Authority

Shreyas Sriram

City of Denver Water Preservation

Sarah Odle

Colorado Chapter Soil and Water Conservation Society

Junior 1st: Emran AlGhareeb

Junior 2nd: Tanishqa Puhan

Senior 1st: Gabriel Lorenz

Senior 2nd: Delaney Yehle, Loren Rylander, and Dana Coe

CU Denver STEAM Consortium

Coco Goldman

Denver Mensa

Delaney Yehle, Loren Rylander, and Dana Coe

INTEL Excellence in Computer Science

Siddarth Ijju

Kris R. Wenzel Memorial Award

Matthew Anderson and Abilash Prabhakaran

Mu Alpha Theta

Siddarth Ijju

NASA Earth System

Sarah Bian

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Selen Serdar

Office of Naval Research

Juno Gregg

Gitanjali Rao

Jocelynn King

Ethan Chapman

Bridget Ronning

Gabriel Lorenz

Sawyer Reinig

Siddarth Ijju

Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalists

Isani Singh and Abilash Prabhakaran

Ricoh Americas Corporation

Gregory Mackintosh

Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association

Gitanjali Rao

Rocky Mountain Water Environment Federation

Emma Schmit

Society for In Vitro Biology

Anusha Vajrala

Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Emma Schmit, Gabriel Lorenz, and Zach Chapman

Stormwater Permittees for Local Awareness of Stream Health

Ester Mohamed

U.S. Air Force Certificate of Achievement

Vatsal Shrivastava, Siddarth Ijju, Krithik Ramesh, and Akshunna Vaishnav

U.S. Metric Association

Edwin Bodoni

Yale Science and Engineering

Krithik Ramesh



Marley Eisman

Arushi Munjal

Karsen Jorgensen

Emilly Gonzalez

Grace Farrell

Mariah Addai-Opoku

Kristeen Cai

Hailey Green

Veronica Wolf

Preston Schmidt

Shreyas Sriram

Ethan Chapman

Nickita Alexeyev

Sirinya Frankel

Juno Gregg

Michaela Wilcox

Maxwell Benedict

Gregory Mackintosh

Maya Monks

Ella Sharp

Neil Sury

Vianney Escobedo

Gitanjali Rao

Brinda Malik

Elizabeth Tayane

Georgia Hartley

Esha Sury

Nikhila Narayana

Kiersten Superhill

Morgan Cragin

Matthew Anderson

Alfonso Castillo

Christopher Custer

Sophie Scholl

Elizabeth Koenck

Aveline Hwang, and

Negha Sethuramalingam


Matthew Buckman

Dylan Drew

Aylin Kahraman

Anand Chundi

Evelyn Bodoni

Nicole Hankovszky

Sonya Zakarian

Chloe Stacks

Sarah Bian

Austen Mazenko

Siddarth Ijju

Natalie Keller

Melanie Gong

Delaney Yehle

Loren Rylander

Dana Coe

Scott Clousing

Daniel Orbidan

Krithik Ramesh

Peyton Leyendecker

Isani Singh

Edwin Bodoni

Sahana Narayan

Olivia Voss

Isla Anderson

Emma Schmit

Andrew Tokar

Maya Hegde

Hanaa Salman, and

Sravya Dhanwada

dmrsefadmin2018 Science Fair Award Winners

Two Local Students Selected as Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalists


Society for Science & the Public and Regeneron named the 40 finalistsin the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors, on January 23. Science Talent Search alumni have made extraordinary contributions to science and hold more than 100 of the world’s most coveted science and math honors, including the Nobel Prize and the National Medal of Science.

Students are selected based upon their scientific research and also on their overall potential as future leaders of the scientific community.

source: https://student.societyforscience.org/regeneron-sts

We would like to congratulate the following local students for their selection!

Prabhakaran, Abilash 
Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, Colorado
Selective Transfection Using DiBAC4(3)

Singh, Isani 
Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, Colorado
Investigating the Developmental Requirements of Sex Chromosome Genes Affected in Turner Syndrome

dmrsefadminTwo Local Students Selected as Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalists

Registration for DMRSEF Opens on November 30th!


Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair at the University of Colorado Denver

February 16 & 18, 2018 

No late registration-no exceptions!
$35 per person/team member if registered by 1.03.18
$45 per person/team member by 1.17.18


dmrsefadminRegistration for DMRSEF Opens on November 30th!

2017 Intel ISEF Winners

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  • Cassandra Blew (Walsenberg)
    • 4th place in Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • Seth Young (Colorado Springs)
    • 4th place in Microbiology
    • Seth was 5th place overall at CSEF
  • Jay Chandra (Fort Collins)
    • 4th place in Energy: Chemical
    • scholarship to Arizona State University
  • Hari Sowrirajan (Aurora)
    • 3rd place in Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Isani Singh (Aurora)
    • 2nd place in Biomedical & Health Sciences
    • Isani was 1st place overall at CSEF
    • $500 from American Statistical Association
  • Isabella Bowland (Boulder)
    • 1st place & Top of Category in Biomedical Engineering
  • Kyle Fridberg (Boulder)
    • 1st place & Top of Category in Chemistry
    • $750 from US Air Force
    • $4000 from American Chemical Society
    • Trip to India
  • Elliott Gorokhovsky (Boulder)
    • 1st place in System Software
    • Elliot was 2nd place overall at CSEF
    • $1000 from Association for Computing Machinery
    • Travel & participation in the “Web Valley” summer school in Trenton, Italy
  • Isaac Jordan (Ignacio)
    • $2,500 from Society for Experimental Mechanics
    • Honorable mention from NASA
  • Michelle Kummel (Colorado Springs)
    • Honorable mention from American Meteorological Society
  • Aubrey Berger (Aurora)
    • $250 from American Intellectual Property Law Association
    • Aubrey was 4th place overall at CSEF
dmrsefadmin2017 Intel ISEF Winners

2017 Science Fair Photos

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Science Fair Photos

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Awards Photos

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dmrsefadmin2017 Science Fair Photos

2017 Science Fair Winners

dmrsefadminHome: Side Feature, Students


The following are the 2017 Denver Metro Regional Science & Engineering Fair winners :

Best in Show – Senior

  • 1st:  Hari Sowrirajan
  • 2nd:  Gabrielle Barreto
  • 3rd:  Aubrey Berger

Best in Show – Junior

  • 1st:  Nathan Panzer
  • 2nd:  Erin Smith
  • 3rd:  Christopher Moser


Animal Science – Junior

  • 1st:  Elishevlyne Eliason
  • 2nd:  Michael Erwin & Carter Larsen

Animal Science – Senior

  • 1st: Felix Channiago
  • 2nd: Riley Russell & Anand Chundi

Behavioral Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Ilana Jacobs   /   Isabel Cleveland & Scarlett Prather
  • 2nd: Ella Eichberg & Khaki Sawyer   /   Sophie Scholl
  • 3rd: Chloe Chavez   /   Tia Seniw

Behavioral Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Ibrohim Nosiroy
  • 2nd: Tyler Giallanza & Andrew Ying
  • 3rd: Daniel Friedman

Biological Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Maya Monks & Annika Reeder-Holman
  • 2nd: Grace Evans
  • 3rd: Calvin Oh

Biological Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Avi Swartz

Chemistry – Juniors

  • 1st: Grace Valentine   /   Brooklin Wyatt
  • 2nd: Jalen Sisneros   /   Alexandra May
  • 3rd: Madison Truong   /   Aku Unyu

Chemistry – Senior

  • 1st: Joshua Chapman

Computer Science – Junior

  • 1st: Grace Zhang
  • 2nd: Shreyas Sriram

Computer Science – Senior

  • 1st: Colin Burdine
  • 2nd: Daniel Zamoshchin

Earth & Environmental Sciences – Junior

  • 1st: Josh Miller
  • 2nd: Rewa Raizada
  • 3rd: Olivia Bergstrom & Brennan Kammerer

Earth & Environmental Sciences – Senior

  • 1st: Gabrielle Barreto
  • 2nd: McKinley Dirks & Alexandrea Rivera

Energy – Junior

  • 1st: Juno Gregg
  • 2nd: Alex Tseng
  • 3rd: Milan Hancock

Energy – Senior

  • 1st: Daniel Orbidan & Ethan Simpson

Engineering – Junior

  • 1st: Santiago Castillo   /   Nazeeya Bathhef
  • 2nd: Nikhila Narayana   /   Esha Sury
  • 3rd: Jaden Behringer   /   Vishwah Jaine & Jake Sheykhet

Engineering – Senior

  • 1st: Aubrey Berger
  • 2nd: Krithik Ramesh
  • 3rd: Amy Nguyen & Katherine Tran

Materials Science – Junior

  • 1st: Tyler Burt
  • 2nd: Teresa McManus
  • 3rd: Jenavin Wazwaz

Materials Science – Senior

  • 1st: Peyton Leyendecker

Medicine & Health Science – Junior

  • 1st: Nathan Panzer
  • 2nd: Lauren Linnebur & Malayne Perry
  • 3rd: Sadie Callahan

Medicine & Health Science – Senior

  • 1st: Hari Sowrirajan
  • 2nd: Isani Singh
  • 3rd: Anila Narayana

Microbiology – Junior

  • 1st: Erin Smith
  • 2nd: Jocelynn King

Microbiology – Senior

  • 1st:  Margaret McSpadden

Physics & Astronomy – Junior

  • 1st:  Christopher Moser
  • 2nd:  Matthew Anderson
  • 3rd:  Bridget Ronning

Physics & Astronomy – Senior

  • 1st:  Scott Clousing

Plant Sciences – Junior

  • 1st:  Senna Aldoubosh
  • 2nd:  Rachel Odle
  • 3rd:  Sarah Bian

Plant Sciences – Senior

  • 1st:  Maria Reeves
  • 2nd:  Karry Pileggi

Social Sciences – Junior

  • 1st:  Kennedy Dechant
  • 2nd:  Ethan Shoop

Social Sciences – Senior

  • 1st:  Edwin Bodoni & Evelyn Bodoni


  • City of Aurora Water Project Certificate of Excellence
    • Deanna Cusick, North Middle School
    • RyAnn Nelson-Jiyesimi, Vista Peak Exploratory
  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science Teacher Award
    • Amal Atwah, Crescent View Academy
    • Iyad Wazwaz, Crescent View Academy
    • Padma Hancock, Meowl Academy
  • Resource Area for Teaching Colorado Long-term Teacher Award
    • Ethan Dusto, Cherry Creek High School
    • John Wiley, Challenge School
    • Lorry Getz, Liberty Middle School
  • Resource Area for Teaching Colorado New Fair Teacher Award
    • Tricia Logan, Coal Creek Canyon

Colorado Science & Engineering Fair Nominees

  • Junior Animal Science
    • Elishevlyne Eliason
    • Michael Erwin / Carter Larsen
  • Junior Biological Sciences
    • Maya Monks / Annika Reeder-Holman
    • Grace Even
  • Junior Behavioral Sciences
    • Ilana Jacobs
    • Isabel Cleveland / Scarlett Prather
  • Junior Chemistry
    • Grace Valentine
    • Brooklin Wyatt
  • Junior Computer Science
    • Grace Zhang
    • Shreyas Sriram
  • Junior Energy
    • Juno Gregg
    • Alex Tseng
  • Junior Engineering
    • Santiago Castillo
    • Nazeeya Bathhef
  • Junior Earth & Environmental Sciences
    • Rewa Raizada
    • Josh Miller
  • Junior Medicine & Health Science
    • Nathan Panzar
    • Lauren Linnebur / Malayne Perry
  • Junior Microbiology
    • Erin Smith
    • Jocelynn King
  • Junior Materials Science
    • Tyler Burt
    • Teresa McManus
  • Junior Physics & Astronomy
    • Christopher Moser
    • Matthew Anderson
  • Junior Plant Sciences
    • Senna Aldoubosh
    • Ethan Shoop
  • Senior Animal Science
    • Felix Channiago
    • Anand Chundi / Riley Russell
  • Senior Biological Sciences
    • Avi Swartz
  • Senior Behavioral Sciences
    • Ibrohim Nosirov
    • Tyler Giallanza / Andrew Ying
    • Daniel Friedman
  • Senior Chemistry
    • Joshua Chapman
  • Senior Computer Science
    • Daniel Zamoshchin
    • Colin Burdine
  • Senior Energy
    • Daniel Orbidan / Ethan Simpson
  • Senior Engineering
    • Aubrey Berger
    • Krithik Ramesh
    • Amy Nguyen / Katherine Tran
  • Senior Earth & Environmental Science
    • Gabrielle Barreto
    • Mckinley Dirks / Alexandrea Rivera
  • Senior Medicine & Health Science
    • Hari Sowrirajan
    • Isani Singh
    • Anila Narayana
  • Senior Microbiology
    • Aliya Godoy
  • Senior Materials Science
    • Peyton Leyendecker
  • Senior Physics & Astronomy
    • Scott Clousing
  • Senior Plant Sciences
    • Maria Reeves
    • Karry Pileggi
  • Senior Social Sciences
    • Edwin Bodoni
    • Evelyn Bodoni


  • American Meteorological Society – Certificate of Outstanding Achievement
    • Kacey Kim
  • American Statistical Association – Special Accomplishments in Statistics & Data Science Award
    • Ibrohim Nosirov
  • ASM Materials Education Foundation – Most Outstanding Exhibit in Materials Science Award
    • Matthew Buckman
  • Association for Women Geoscientists – Student Award for Geoscience Excellence
    • Victoria O-Hare
  • ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative – Certificate for Sustainable Solutions
    • Tho Nguyen
    • Joe Vahle
  • Biophysical Society – Biophysics Award
    • Maya Devarajan
  • Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority – Certificate of Excellence
    • Matthew Buckman
  • CO Chapter Soil & Water Conservation Society
    • Dai An Jiang
    • Gabrielle Barreto
    • Adarsh Kotlapati
    • Rewa Raizada
  • CO/WY Chapter of the American Statistical Association
    • Matthew Anderson
    • Ibrohim Nosirov
  • CU Anschutz Dept. of Neuroscience – Outstanding Research in Neuroscience Award
    • Ibrohim Nosirov
    • Ilana Jacobs
  • Denver Mensa
    • Lee Seungwon
  • Dr. Charles Ferguson – Outstanding Science Fair Project Award (Skinner Middle School)
    • Yuliangel Dominquez-Delgado
    • Josh Miller
  • Genius Olympiad
    • Eric Bear
    • Eric Bear
  • INTEL Excellence in Computer Science
    • Colin Burdine
  • Central CO AHEC – Kris R. Wenzel Memorial Award
    • Jenna Stainbrook
    • Payton Leyendecker
  • Mr. Marty Miyamoto – Outstanding Diverse Student Award
    • Krithik Ramesh
  • Mu Alpha Theta
    • Colin Burdine
  • NASA Earth System Science Award
    • Laila Smith
  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration – Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award
    • Amy Jiao
  • Office of Naval Research – Naval Science Award
    • Milan Hancock
    • Laila Smith
    • Laila Riedell
    • Jenayin Wazwaz
    • Alicia Chavez
    • Christopher Moser
    • Noa Tewahade
    • Krithik Ramesh
    • Siddarth Ijju
  • Product GO-GO – Product Design Award
    • Gregory Mackintosh
  • Regeneron Science Talent Search Award
    • Matthew Buckman
    • Noa Tewahade
    • Joshua Chapman
    • Pritika Parmar
    • Colin Burdine
    • Eric Bear
  • Ricoh Americas Corporation – Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
    • Rishi Hancock
  • Rocky Mtn Section of the American Water Works Assoc. / Rocky Mtn Water Environment Association – Certificate of Excellence
    • Matthew Buckman
    • Gabrielle Barreto
  • Society for In Vitro Biology – Certificate for Outstanding Achievement
    • Abilash Prabbakaran
  • Stormwater Permittees for Local Awareness of Stream Health – Certificate of Excellence
    • Wyle Cornish
  • Water Environment Federation – Stockholm Junior Water Prize Winner
    • Dai An Jiang
    • Matthew Buckman
  • US Air Force – Award of Excellence
    • Vatsal Shrivastava
    • Christopher Moser
    • Alicia Chavez
    • Krithik Ramesh
  • US Metric Association
    • Thomas Carmen
  • Yale Science & Engineering – Most Outstanding Exhibit
    • Eric Bear
  • Broadcom Masters Nominees
    • Elishevlyne Eliason
    • Michael Erwin & Carter Larson
    • Maya Monks & Annika Reeder-Holman
    • Grace Even
    • Calvin Oh
    • Ilana Jacobs
    • Chloe Chavez
    • Sophie Scholl
    • Tia Seniw
    • Isabel Cleveland
    • Ella Eichberg
    • Madison Truong
    • Grace Valentine
    • Jalen Sisneros
    • Brooklin Wyatt
    • Alexandra May
    • Aku Unvu
    • Shreyas Sriram
    • Grace Zhang
    • Alex Tseng
    • Juno Gregg
    • Milan Hancock
    • Jaden Behringer
    • Santiago Castillo
    • Esha Sury
    • Nikhila Narayana
    • Nazeeya Bathhef
    • Vishwah Jaine & Jake Sheykhet
    • Rewa Raizada
    • Josh Miller
    • Olivia Bergstrom & Brennan Kammerer
    • Nathan Panzer
    • Sadie Callahan
    • Lauren  Linnebur & Malayne Perry
    • Erin Smith
    • Jocelynn King
    • Tyler Burt
    • Jenayin Wazwaz
    • Teresa McManus
    • Matthew Anderson
    • Christopher  Moser
    • Bridget Ronning
    • Sarah Bian
    • Rachel Odle
    • Senna Aldoubosh
    • Ethan Shoop
    • Kennedy  Dechant
dmrsefadmin2017 Science Fair Winners

2018 Science Fair Dates

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We are starting to get ready for the 2018 Denver Metro Regional Science & Engineering Fair! If you are a science or engineering teacher or would be interested in mentoring students, volunteering at the event, judging projects, or being involved in any other way – please get these dates on your calendar:

  • Mentor Sign-up Opens: September 1, 2017
  • Volunteer Sign-up Opens: December 1, 2017
  • Judge Sign-up Opens: December 1, 2017
  • Project Registration: November 30, 2017 – January 17, 2018
  • SCIENCE FAIR DATES: Friday, February 16th & Sunday, February 18th, 2018
dmrsefadmin2018 Science Fair Dates

Prohibited & Restricted Chemical List

dmrsefadminHome: Side Feature, Rules & Regulations


The Prohibited and Restricted Chemical Lists in this rule were created in a rulemaking process that mainly looked at the occurrence and use of chemicals in laboratory settings or other circumstances where the chemical compounds were used in formulations as reagents or process chemicals.

State of Colorado: Guidance on Prohibited & Restricted Chemicals

CDOT – Chemical Lists Combined

dmrsefadminProhibited & Restricted Chemical List