Tools for Teachers!


As the producers of the Denver Regional Science and Engineering Fair, we encourage all middle and high school teachers to learn more about what it takes for students to compete in fairs and to explore tools for success. READ MORE HERE.  

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Broadcom MASTERS International 2016 Highlights


The Broadcom MASTERS International brings together the world’s brightest middle school students. Each delegate is chosen for their excellence in science, engineering and leadership. They are rising stars who come together to represent their nations for this international exchange.

dmrsefadminBroadcom MASTERS International 2016 Highlights

Obama’s Last Year Hosting the White House Science Fair


No one will ever geek out harder at the White House Science Fair than President Obama. Thank you for your years of encouraging students to pursue scientific discovery! Watch Video Here

dmrsefadminObama’s Last Year Hosting the White House Science Fair

U.S. Government Approves Transgenic Chicken


The eggs of the genetically engineered animal contain an enzyme that can treat a rare disease Head on over to Scientific American to read a really cool article that demonstrates what science is capable of.

dmrsefadminU.S. Government Approves Transgenic Chicken

Evelyn Bodoni awarded 2015 Rising Stars Award


If you recall, we highlighted Evelyn Bodoni’s accomplishments in September.  Well, she made the trip to Silicon Valley, and came back a winner!  She was awarded the 2015 Rising Stars Award at the 2015 Broadcom MASTERS for her project on the prevalance and reasons for student cheating. Each of the Rising Stars wins a trip to Intel ISEF, the world’s … Read More

dmrsefadminEvelyn Bodoni awarded 2015 Rising Stars Award

How Science Fairs Shaped My Career


How science fairs shaped my career Rachel Yoho +Author Affiliations Rachel Yoho is a doctoral candidate in the Biological Design Program and the Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology at Arizona State University, Tempe. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or other entities. … Read More

dmrsefadminHow Science Fairs Shaped My Career

What is a Science Fair Project?


Science fairs, the bane of students everywhere. At first they seem only like an imaginary threat, but as students progress from grade to grade the threat materializes with a simple phrase uttered by a teacher, “You’re going to complete a science fair project.” The horror! What Is a Science Fair Project? A science fair project is simply a research project … Read More

dmrsefadminWhat is a Science Fair Project?

Learn About Coordinating and Mentoring Student Scientific Research


The CNS Education & Outreach Center at Colorado State University is excited to announce their upcoming Fall Keynote: “Coordinating and Mentoring Student Scientific Research” with Dr. Paul Strode from Fairview High School in Boulder. Dr. Strode’s classroom is a place where students learn about designing research, reading scientific papers, writing research proposals, and general science communication.  They learn how to secure … Read More

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